Psychic development class – Level 2

Psychic development class – Level 2

1-1 session

Online psychic course with Antonette. Here you get a lot of learning, close follow-up, you are taken outside your own comfort zone to develop and grow as much as possible through these 8 weeks, you get to do professional readings and you learn to trust yourself and your abilities and use them professionally.

This online class is for you :

  • Have taken psychic development class level 1, or have some previous experience. You have done some readings, work with this, or you just want to further develop your skills.
  • You feel this is right for you.

The course includes :  

1-1 learning with Antonette which gives you extra learning, understanding and development in the best possible way during these 8 weeks- These sessions are done via skype and phone.

  • Clairvoyance and clairaudience
  • Clear feeling  and clear knowing
  • Grounding and energy cleansing
  • Understand and use intuition
  • Learn meditation techniques that Antonette uses herself in her job + you learn to use meditation daily and how important this is in your work as a psychic
  • Connect and communicate with guides
  • Do more professional readings
  • Weekly homework

Investment: US$ 750