About me

Antonette Kvalsvik, a Psychic Medium.


Since Antonette was a little girl she has been able to communicate with those who are no longer with us on this earth plane. She has seen family members who have passed over before her birth and able to pass on messages to her parents. Antonette always felt different as a child, as though she were and adult in a child’s body. As she grew older, her abilities of connection became stronger and stronger. In 2013 Antonette was contacted by a lady who was a gifted mentor and Clairvoyant from England, she helped Antonette to understand and develop her gifts. In 2014 Antonette was ready to open her senses to the spirit world fully and to help those around her with this gift.
Antonette can see auras and interpret the meaning for the person and the emotions happening for them currently. Antonette is very connected through her ability of clear hearing (Clair Audience).
Antonette has completed a workshop with Andrew Byng from Arthur Finlay College. Has completed a 6-week course on line with world reknown Psychic Medium Lisa Williams and a three-day intensive with her personally. She has continued over the years to develop and take on line courses with John Edwards, Kyle Gray and John Holland.
Antonette offers several types of readings Psychic, Psychic Medium, or straight Medium. Antonette also offers healing and psychic courses to others.


  • Psychic Readings.
  • Mediumship Readings.
  • Healing

She is always giving healing during a session.


Antonette is currently offering the opportunity to do 1-1 clairvoiant course. This is a unique opportunity to for those who want to develop their gift with a mentor that will customize the course just for you at your level and your progress.  Get in touch for more information, booking or with any questions you might have.

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