Don’t look for love around you
Find it within yourself
When you do
Everything is yours

Antonette, Psychic/Medium


Antonette offers the following services:

Psychic Reading

When receiving a Psychic reading from Antonette she will connect with your energy and aura to gain answers to specific areas in your life such as: Love, Family, Work, Health or other areas you are needing clarity on. Read More

Medium reading

A mediumship reading is where Antonette does contact spirit and communicates directly with them so as to pass on messages to you from them. You can ask questions of Spirit but not always will they answer. Read More


Antonette has developed her own style of healing incorporating the assistance of her guides and guardian angels. She asks the client to drink water and this assists in her ability to see into the person. Read More

Tarot Reading

Antonette is a highly experienced Clairvoyant who uses tarot cards as an aid to support her visions. It is a collaboration using clairvoyance and the cards to confirm the reading. Read more

Picture Reading

In a picture reading you send Antonette a picture of what you want her to read and get info around. It could be, for example, yourself, your animal, a picture of yourself and your loved one. The image must be as new. Read More

E-mail Reading

An e-amil reading works in the same way as a pshychic reading except you will will receive it by email instead of on the phone. Antonette will connect with your energy.. Read More

Home visit

Antonette also offers home visits in the Kristiansand area. 1 hour (60 minutes) and you can choose if you want healing, medium or psychic reading. Read More

Gift Card

Looking for a gift for someone special? Unsure what to get? Then gift card is the perfect gift. A gift card can be used for all services Antonette offers. You choose the value of the gift card yourself.  BUY GIFT CARD

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Antonette offers the following courses:


1-1 6 weeks online course. Antonette has chosen to have one to one course as this will give the student more learning, understanding and training. You also have close contact with Antonette throughout the whole course period Read more


1-1 session Online psychic course with Antonette. Here you get a lot of learning, close follow-up, you are taken outside your own comfort zone to develop and grow as much as possible through these 8 weeks Read more

Psychic class Tailored for you 1-1 and for groups

Are you unsure where you are at and what you need to work with in the development of your abilities?
Read More


Incredible! I would definitely recommend this to anyone! The reading was very accurate and clear! She mentions very spot on things! Very professional Thank you so much for the reading and the opportunity.


Newfoundland, Canada

I was blessed to have a mini reading from Antonette, she was spot on with her message, I truly felt that she connected with me. I would definitely recommend her, she is truly gifted. Thank you for a beautiful reading. 🙏


Orlando, Fl


Antonette is writing most of her blogs in Norwegian, but you can use Google translate if you are interested to know what she is writing about.